10 December 2009 0 Comments

First Shoot For Season 8!

Finished my first story for season 8! If you have checked my facebook page
or History Detectives page, then you know it’s about the musical instrument,
the theremin. Log in to facebook to see me try and attempt to play it! It
was much harder to play then I thought. This story took us to Santa Fe and
it was great to be in New Mexico again. We woke up early one morning to
catch the sunrise over the mountain vistas. Its was so beautiful!

The hours on this shoot were long. I think we may have had one 15 hour day.
I want to thank everyone involved in the research and shoot. The “theremin”
community is great, and it was such a pleasure to meet everyone.

My one complaint….14 hours to get home after plane cancellations, but made
it home for Thanksgiving….

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