10 February 2010 1 Comment

It is a snow day!

It has been a while since I have posted. I have been busy shooting History Detectives as most of you know from following my facebook page.

I recently returned from Houston and Pittsburgh, were I was investigating a boot with magnetics on the bottom of the sole. The owner believed his father had invented it for NASA in the early 1960s, during the “space race” years. The story took me to the Johnson Space Center, Carnegie Mellon University and other towns in Pittsburgh (dont want to give it all away) It was great to learn in depth about Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Joesph Kosmo, who has been an engineer for NASA, for the last 45 years. He worked on Ed White’s space suit and I actually go to see it, up close and personal. I won’t tell you anymore, but stayed tuned. It is a great story!

Last week I visited Belmont University in Nashville, where I was a guest of Judy Billington and the Art Department. What fun I had! It was great to lecture to students, Mark Brown gave me a private tour of the Belmont Mansion and I was at his opening of “the American Experience”. The show had rare examples of 18th and 19th century decorative objects. I also had an evening lecture and was surprised how many people came to hear me lecture about “How to Collect and behind the scenes of History Detectives.”

One of the highlights, was a tour of the Hatch Show Print Shop. What a unique place, with incredible history. I was lucky enough to get a “behind the print shop” tour, viewed their archives of all the incredible acts that have used the Hatch Show shop. I was surprised to see the array of musical talent that is represented in the shop, from blues, to rock, to country music, to present day jam bands.

The staff of the Art Department at Belmont treated me like one of their own. They are all so talented, so dedicated and inspirations to their students. I am particularly impressed with Professor Teresa Granath. She is the founder of Greenbaglady.org. Her bags can be seen all over the world and she is teaching her students to “be green”.

Lastly, as always, I have had some great times with my sons and our friends. As you can see on facebook, we just had a ski trip with 12 other families. Time with my boys always reminds me how lucky I am to have such great people in my life.

and most importantly, WHO DAT!!! Yes, those who know me, know how much New Orleans means to me and I could not be happier from them. A new mayor and a championship is surely a great way to start the new year. Who would have ever of thought that 4 years ago. As I say to my kids, it just shows you….never give up…

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