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Check out my fan page on Facebook!

Just go to Fans of Elyse Luray and click like.  I will be posting daily updates!

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  1. Randy Skinner 4 October 2010 at 4:06 PM #

    V is for the physical aspect in your life , one shared by many , that has given you faith in an eternal future and has allowed you to obtain economic stability as well as placing you in the publics eye and mine as well when I watch Histories Detectives . I often grow horns , as would the devil I am depicted as when I watch the portion of the episodes your in ,sensing as I do your physical and spiritual victory through your voice and body language a sexier detective there never was .
    When you visited Abq. for the road show you appraised for a couple whos grandchild was with them 2 squash bloosums and they may or may not of had 2 Navajo rugs with them Jerry the man who raised me may have had an oxygen bottle with him , he asked you a question concerning a physical aspect of your life , one I don’t need to ask nor actually did he , for he was one of those “men” , he may have even referred to me as his son , which in a way I was . Of course I know you couldn’t give away your Victory the spirit will not allow , the mole on your face was most likly a diamond when you died it was worn by you not only for decoration but to retain your physical idenity when teleporting .
    By the way Jerry never told me physically who appraised his items I hear portions of that conversation every time I tune in , its a psychic thing .

  2. Maribel 12 September 2012 at 12:24 AM #

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