5 October 2011 0 Comments

Clean House NY on the Style Network!

Wondering what I was doing to keep myself busy all summer?  Well, if you follow me on facebook,  then you know, that I have  joined the cast of ” Clean House New York” , as an appraiser.  The hosts,  Nina Ferrer and Michael Moeller , are joined by me and renowned auctioneer Duncan Schieb .  Basically, I spend my time trying to dig through the overwhelming mess to find valuable treasures to appraise and sell to collectors. At the same time, Ferrer and Moeller with their humor and tough love approach, get to the bottom of the disorganization problems to give the families a mess-free , better home and life.  I try to find the “higher end” items and  take them to buyers, everything  else worth selling is then offered at a yard sale or auction with the proceeds going towards rejuvenating the homeowner’s space with a fabulous makeover.

This is my last week of working on the show.  It has been a blast!  The crew, cost and Executives at the Style Network have become dear friends.  Stay tuned for some behind the scene blogging!

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